“I have one simple passion: Help my clients get more leads and sales.


And as a Certified Customer Acquisition Specialist, I have a unique ability to help my clients acquire leads – at a profit!”


The #1 Tool My New Clients Use...

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List of tools I suggest to all my clients:

The One Thing You Need to Know Before Buying Ads

One of my new customers recently asked me what was the number one thing they needed to know before they started a paid ads program that would guarantee they succeeded. I thought long and hard about the answer, and I was shocked by what came out of my mouth! I told them…

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A Practical Guide to Getting More Facebook Followers

As a Certified Social & Community Manager, I get asked questions about everything under the sun regarding Facebook strategies. The question that comes up most often from small business owners is “how do I get more followers on my Facebook business page?!”

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