About The Lead Profit™

About The Lead Profit™

About The Lead ProfitAbout The Lead Profit™: We are a Digital Marketing Agency that helps our clients create marketing solutions that deliver a neverending stream of highly qualified leads – at a profit.

Hello, I’m Shaun Daggett. I’m a Certified Customer Acquisition Specialist, and the Founder and Managing Director here at The Lead Profit™. I have been developing the concept of The Lead Profit for several years now and have finally assembled the right team, the best partners, the best-of-breed solutions, and proven methodologies to bring forth a company that I am truly proud to be a part of.

I’ve provided digital marketing and social media coaching and consulting to a variety of clients for many years now. In the process I found that I absolutely love helping clients succeed in achieving their marketing goals through proven digital marketing solutions. I finally made the decision to formalize the offering and specialize in what I believe to be the future of marketing. That future is the combination of proven Digital Marketing, Inbound Marketing Methodologies and the power and reach of paid traffic. The latest Digital and Inbound Marketing Methodologies provide proven and measurable ROI to something as intangible as Marketing.

“What makes this company different is our ability to help our clients generate leads at a profit, but our unfair advantage is that Shaun is educated and CERTIFIED in the methodologies that deliver on that promise.” 

Not only do I love what I do, but I am one of the few people in the world to be certified in it every aspect of Digital Marketing, Inbound Marketing and Social Media Marketing.

I have been a marketer for decades, but marketing today is a very different game than it was even 5 years ago. I have watched how the social web has change the game completely. The way customers connect with solutions, the way products come to the market, the way we train and the way we learn… virtually every part of content delivery and consumption is now nested within some social media platform.

The Lead Profit™ is Southern Colorado’s premier Digital Marketing Agency. We offer best-of-breed digital marketing solutions to deliver tangible, measurable results and real ROI. Our number one goal is to help our customers achieve their marketing and revenue goals quickly. 

Finally, I have used these very techniques to launch my own businesses over the years, and have cut my teeth in the digital marketing world on my own projects and have achieved unbelievable success. I then took these techniques and began helping others ~ this Digital Marketing agency isn’t built on theory, it is built on actually doing what we offer, and doing well.

Web, SEO and Technology Advisors

When it comes to responsive web, SEO and general technology challenges, we rely on Ken Lambrecht.


About The Lead ProfitKen has been helping clients solve problems since 1984. He has worked closely with companies large and small, in diverse industries including aerospace, automotive, banking, computer, healthcare, manufacturing, medical and consumer products. His background is in Web development, agile software development, databases, user interface, user experience, Web video, graphic design, and business.

Ken is passionate about assisting in the process of transforming ideas into tangible results. He thrives in the environment of people working together to develop and improve products, solutions, and workflow – creating something new, something better.

Legal Advisors
Social Solutions contracts with both HR and Social Media legal specialists as needed to address any legal questions that arise from compliance, regulatory or human resource issues. When we engage a client that has these resource in-house or on retainer we work directly with our clients resources, but have partners to help with any legal question or challenge not addressed by your own legal team.


Human Resource Advisors
Social Solutions has two highly experienced Human Resource partners, one that specializes in general HR issues, and one that specializes in Social Media related HR topics. These resources are available to our clients, but we will first work with our clients in-house Human Resource department to address any HR related topics on a given project.


Graphics Design Advisors

About The Lead ProfitOur lead Graphics Design Specialist, Silvana Richter has been helping small business owners with their Marketing and Graphic Design needs since 2006. Specializing in Branding and Print Design. She is cross-culturally sensitive professional who is native in Spanish and fluent in English. Her background in business facilitates communication and optimal results for her clients. Silvana is an Argentinian native, she holds a Degree in Multimedia & Graphic Design.


Social Solutions has several other great graphic artists contracted as part of our virtual team. We feel that each client needs a different approach to graphic art and design. Once graphic artist will not fit for all clients, and we work hard to match the feel of the client to the appropriate artist. We are happy to work with a clients graphic arts team or specialist if they have one, or will match them to our amazing resources here if that is the better fit.

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