So… You want to get Facebook followers??

As a Certified Social & Community Manager, I get asked questions about everything under the sun regarding Facebook strategies. The question that comes up most often from small business owners is “how do I get more followers on my Facebook business page?!” Specifically, how to get Facebook followers NOW?!

I will admit, it is a big challenge! But not as hard as some think…

Often times, when someone creates a business page on Facebook, they invite all of their friends and family to follow them. This is a great kickoff to their new endeavor, and once they get those first 75 followers start to feel pretty good about how things are progressing.

Get Facebook Followers

Get Facebook Followers Now

At this point, they are feeling confident in their approach, but it has been a month since those first followers came on board and they haven’t seen many more likes on their page.

Moving forward from those first few followers starts to feel like an uphill battle; one you don’t know how to begin to tackle.

When people aren’t getting more followers at the pace they want, they tend to start posting like crazy, expecting to get more engagement and more followers. But it just isn’t there. More impartially, they are getting very few if any new page likes (actually going backwards), and no new customers or sales.

So they ramp it up!!

They start posting even more often! Selling harder and harder with each post. They use better ads, better graphics and better offers to no avail. They suddenly realize they now have only 50 followers.

This is the result of follower fatigue. Their friends and family are tired of seeing all that, and have started un-liking the page.

They then take the next logical step and start to post their business promotions on their personal page. After all, they have 400 friends on their personal page and only 50 followers on their new business page. It seems perfectly logical to do this. (but it isn’t)

At this point, they are spending time they don’t have, chasing customers that aren’t materializing – and they start to realize what a time-suck social media is. Many just give up completely on their business page at this point. But giving up is a HUGE mistake.

While getting more followers is a challenge, it is not the hardest thing to do on the social web. You just have to think about it in a different way. You have to think about your potential followers as members of your tribe and think about ALL things that might resonate with your tribe.

Think about it like this. I have a friend who started the Facebook Page Barefoot Inclined, a simple page dedicated to lifestyle changes, good eating and barefoot/minimalist running. It accompanies his blog of the same name.

His page and blog are dedicated to a tribe of barefoot/minimalist running enthusiasts. I have no idea how many people out there are dedicated to this lifestyle, but I bet it’s hundreds of thousands. By focusing on providing outstanding content that connects with his tribe, he has managed to get over 1,300 followers of his page organically.

Every business has a tribe out there and defining that tribe, identifying where they are hanging out on the social web and getting your outstanding content in front of them is “secret sauce” of fan growth. Thankfully there are some great strategies on how to do this without spending hours a day on Facebook; rest assured, it is possible. And – it is a must!

Here is a simple technique I used to get 155 new followers on one of the pages I manage… with no budget!

Getting more followers on your social media pages is an important strategy for businesses today, because as of June, 2015 social referrals outnumber search referrals for web site traffic for the very first time according to Google, and 79% of social referrals come from Facebook.

If you don’t have followers, you don’t have the opportunity to turn those followers into customers. And isn’t that what it’s all about? If you make it your mission to get Facebook followers… and succeed, you need to have a strategy to eventually turn those followers into customers as well.

I encourage you comment below with tips, tricks and techniques you have used that worked really well. But bottom line, it is important to find a strategy that works to increase your followers on Facebook and tap into the power of your tribe to grow your business!

Bonus Material… Getting engagement with you posts will help grow followers tremendously!

Engagement is critical when it comes to growing your followers on Facebook, so I have put tougher this case study that quickly shows you how to increase your engagement as well.

After saying all that… I am going to challenge the need for any of this.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Why do you want more followers on your Facebook page?

The answer should be, “to ultimately turn those followers into customers.” I always encourage my clients to work on getting more followers on social media, but I also advise them to not get too distracted by this task. If they really want more customers, they should be investing their time in getting more email subscribes and generating more leads. As a Certified Customer Acquisition Specialist, I focus on helping my clients generate a never-ending flow of leads into their businesses. Here is a link to how we do that here.

Conclusion: Strike a healthy balance between getting followers on social media, and getting leads into the your sales pipeline.

By: Shaun Daggett
aka “The Lead Profit”

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